Feeling Spring

I was afraid this would happen. I’d start this blog and then quit writing in it.

I blame it on Spring.

I always feel much more introspective during the dark part of the year. I keep thinking about things to write about. I wonder about Life, the Universe, and Everything. It starts around the Autumn Equinox, is in full swing by Samhain and Yule, and starts to wear off by Imbolg.

And now that it’s past Ostara and almost Beltane, I just don’t feel like writing anymore. I don’t feel like sitting in my room meditating. I don’t feel like reading.

All I want to do is work on my garden.

We tilled up a 20′ by 20′ patch in the back when we first moved in, and then this spring I went ahead and tilled up another 20′ by 20′ patch in the front yard. When I have spare time, I’m working on that, not blogging.

It might change soon though. March and April are busy times in the garden, getting the warm weather crops in. I think I’ve pretty much planted everything I’m going to this time around. I’ve got beans, squash, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, tomatillos, melons, okra, and cucumbers. I think the only thing I’m still waiting on are the sweet potatoes I ordered that aren’t coming until May.

My garden is vital to my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. During Spring it can be very demanding, but in a good way.

By May or June it will be too hot to do much outside. Maybe by then I’ll feel like writing some more, in the air conditioning.